Things to know before selling your gold

When it comes to urgent need of cash, monetising gold is a common practice in India. However, it is sad to know that in an urgency to sell, people often land into trading their gold at a much lower price than what they expect.So, are you worried about how to sell gold coins for cash or gold jewellery for cash to get the best possible price? In order to avoid any disappointment, here is a checklist of the things you should know before selling gold coins or jewellery for cash.


  • Retain the invoice: Check if you have the original invoice of purchase with you. Many a times the new jeweller might ask you if you carry the original bill of purchase or invoice with you when you go to sell your gold for cash.


  • Know its worth:To get the best value for your gold, ensure that you know its worth. Make sure that you know the Karats in the jewellery and the current market prices of Gold. Keep the Jewellery of Different Karats Separate, Know your buyer well and be realistic of your expectations of price.


  • Know its worth: A 916 hallmarked Jewellery is no doubt preferred by the gold buyers as it is considered authentic but in case you don’t have hallmarked jewellery, you need not to worry. At 24Karat, we have the world’s finest gold testing laser machine called the KARATMETER so that you can know your exact karatage.


  • Expectations of the final price: While expecting the price for your unwanted gold, remember that you don’t get anything for the entire making/labour charge paid at the time of purchase. So, set your expectations accordingly.


  • Where to sell: This is a million dollar question! For selling your Gold Jewellery, Coins or bars, you need a reliable and trusted buyer. The best option is to go to a reputed jewellery store like 24Karat, as they are the ones who can offer the best value for your precious items.


  • Is It Common Goldor Antique or High End Collection? Before you actually go to sell a gold item, make sure you know what it exactly is. Inspect properly to check if it is common gold or a high end collection or an antique. Because if it is, it’s real worth can be much more than you would have expected.