What is your Scrap Gold worth for?

In times of need to get our hands on some quick cash, we usually try to find out the best possible asset we can sell. The asset which most of the people resort to is their unused jewellery or scrap gold. If you have any scrap gold jewellery with you, you can earn some quick money selling gold for cash.

People often get confused about the real worth of their gold. Pure gold or 100% gold is only a theoretical term. As a metal, gold is very soft and thus, other metals are added to it to strengthen it. The purest of the gold is 22 Carat Gold while the cheapest gold being 9 Carat. Below is the purity of gold based on their carat value.

  1. 24 Carat Gold comes with 99% purity,
  2. 22 Carat Gold comes with 91.6% purity,
  3. 18 Carat Gold comes with 75% purity,

Thus, now when you know the purity of each carat, you can have a rough idea of the worth of the scrap gold you have with respect to its quantity.

Does the Scrap Value Offered to you Seem Low?

When any precious metal(like gold, silver or diamond) is sold, it is valued at the current market prices but that is not the value that you receive. The reason is, a minimal percentage is deducted from the value of the metal to cover the processing fees. The processing would extract all other metals that were added to the gold so that what you are left with is pure gold.

So, for instance, if you have an ounce of 24 carat scrap gold, what you would actually receive would be less than the current market price for the gold.

Where to get the Best value of my Scrap Gold?

Well, this is a million dollar question. There are many companies who would claim to give you the best possible price for your gold but it is you who would need to analyse. A name that you can trust in this respect is 24 karat. We have an established presence of more than 50 years and are well known for our integrity and honesty. We have a high goodwill in the industry and are the number one trusted buyer for gold for cash. Dealing with us gives you the best possible price for your gold as well as the peace of mind to have a fair deal.