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We are the most reliable and trusted buyer for your Gold or Silver Jewellery, Coins/bars, Diamonds, Birthstones, Watches, Dental gold and Antique Items. We buy them in various forms and carats. Whether they are broken, new, old, used or unused, we buy them all.


KaratMeter is a machine that uses the XRF Technology to determine the purity of Gold and is often termed as X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer. It is an accurate, non-destructive means of testing the purity and composition of gold and other related elements. It is an expensive, high precision machine with the latest technology available. Due to its high cost, most of the average gold buyers and jewellers do not have this. The main advantage of this technology is accuracy in the results and transparency in front of the clients.

Why Choose Us-Cash For Gold

We are the pioneers in buying gold, silver, diamonds and coins against cash with an experience of 50 years. We have a wide presence with different Outlets in Delhi & NCR region like , south delhi, north delhi , central delhi , east delhi , west delhi wherein you can personally bring in your unwanted gold or silver jewellery or diamonds to be converted into instant cash. We, at 24Karat, are 100% customer focused and continuously strive to satisfy our customers. We do not have any hidden charges and promote simple, safe and secure buying.

Wide Presence With Different Outlets in Delhi - NCR

7 Days Open  10 to 7 pm 

Cash For Gold & Get Best Cash Price For Your Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most precious metals across the globe with the most important features of “easy liquidity”. The ability to instantly get converted to cash makes it high in demand. However, it is not easy to get the appropriate value for your asset when you actually sell it. Thus, we recommend you to find the most trusted gold buyer when you plan to sell your gold in Delhi-NCR.

We are the most authentic Gold Buyer in Delhi with years-long legacy and goodwill in this market. We are known for offering the best prices for your valuable assets like Gold, Silver, and Diamond. Bring your unwanted products and get the best deal. We do on the spot analysis of the products and provide immediate cash for your old & unwanted valuables. We provide the Best Price Guarantee and make payment through various modes as per the convenience of our customer, like cash, cheque, NEFT, and RTGS on the spot.

We are the pioneers of cash for the gold industry in India. So, if you are looking for instant money against gold, 24Karat is the place for you. We have a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff that is ready to assist you in getting the best price for your asset. Come in and visit us TODAY!

Gold Buyer in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram & Ghaziabad

We always believe in maintaining transparency with our customers. We always buy using the current market price and pay cash on the spot. We have no hidden fees or charges whatsoever. All our testing and evaluation is fair by the high precision device called KARATMETER. We ensure to clear all your doubts providing you peace of mind. Customer Satisfaction is our topmost priority and we make every effort to achieve that. We maintain a proper privacy policy and keep the client data safe and secure. We, under no circumstances, provide the details of your transaction with us to anyone. Our customer-oriented approach and high business values have given us the status of the most trusted dealer in this industry all over Delhi and NCR.

How To Find a Trusted Gold Buyer In Delhi NCR ?

Selling gold can be intimidating as well as overwhelming. Most of the times when we are selling gold it is because of an urgent need of money. Sadly, there are more reliable options of cash for gold stores near me on whom you can rely for the best price and instant services, with the market being highly competitive, there has been a mushroom growth of gold buyers who trade in second-hand or old gold. However, not all of these traders are authentic and will pay you the fair price for your precious stuff. To help you in this quest, we have jotted down some steps to make sure you are dealing with a trusted gold buyer in Noida, NCR:

• Search on the internet:

One of the best ways to find out about your options for selling gold in Delhi NCR, you must check out the internet. An authentic gold buyer will have an established website wherein they advertise their business and services. Make a list of such websites and their address to move to our second step.

• Search Locally:

Now that you have a list of options, it is now time to physically raid the offices or stores. Visit each store and check out whether the address and other details mentioned in the website are correct or not. Rate each store in its presence and staff.

• Check Testimonials:

Finally, get back to the internet once more and check out the user’s testimonials. This will give you a fair idea about the services a gold buyer offers and if it suits you or not?

You may then approach the very store and ask for a quote for your belongings. Pick the store that offers you the best price. However, do not forget to ask for the payment options. Reputed gold buyers will offer you many options including instant cash payment, cheque, NEFT or RTGS.

24 Karat Cash for Gold:

At 24 Karat Cash for Gold, we are the most authentic gold buyer in Delhi NCR. We buy old, broken and second-hand gold items as well as other precious items at the best price. We have established branches across Delhi NCR where professional staff members assist clients in selling their gold authentically and for the best price. In case you are in instant need for cash, there is no better place than us to sell it instantly and safely.

Frequently Asked Question About Cash For Gold

No, we would request you to be reasonable with your expectations before coming to 24Karat. There is no company that can offer you the current market price for your gold because of the significant cost of converting the gold items into raw gold material and the fact that craftsmanship is not assessed while ascertaining value for your items.
We do the valuation of your asset through the latest technology high precision device called KaratMeter. It is an accurate, non-destructive means of testing the purity and composition of gold and other related elements. Ours is among the very few companies who make use of Karat Meter for testing the purity of gold. Due to its high cost, most of the average gold buyers and jewellers do not have this.
In case if your jewellery contains other Gemstones, we safely remove them and hand over to you. If you want to sell them also, we can provide you extra value for those even but there is no standardized process that we follow to determine value of these gemstones and thus, the value offered is subject to variability.
NO. We will not be able to re-sell the asset purchased as we immediately send it for processing and purification
We have a wide choice to offer among the various modes of payment. We pay as per the convenience of our customer, like cash, cheque, NEFT and RTGS on the spot.
Yes, we do. We have wide presence with different outlets in Delhi - NCR. For more details, please visit our contact us page or call us at 1800-120-2888
Yes. We require you to bring any Government authorised Photo Identity Card, like Passport, Voter Id Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, etc. And you should be over 21 years of age.